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Raw Material Solutions

With 35 years of experience, the most suitable and optimum products for the market are selected and supplied.

Manufacturing Solutions

Imported raw materials are processed on the production line and presented to the market.



Gergedan Paper is a manufacturer company that supplies specialty paper, which we call "specialty paper".

It supplies baking paper, silicone paper, polyethylene paper, greaseproof paper, filter papers, label top and bottom papers. Gergedan Kagit was established as a family firm. It includes services such as paper raw material import, storage, production, sizing, slicing, packaging. In this way, it produces turnkey projects in the paper group.

Supplying raw materials to the medical, textile, food, hygiene, automotive and packaging industries, Gergedan Kagit serves more than 200 customers in the domestic and international markets. Gergedan Kagit, which supplies raw materials from 11 different countries, mainly Germany, Finland, Russia and America, exports to 15 countries. Transparency and producing fast solutions in accordance with customer demands is the main strategy of the company. Having an experienced and dynamic team, Gergedan Paper is growing with firm steps in the paper industry.

Gergedan Kagit is a company that values its employees and adopts this as a principle. Its mission is to create employment as one of Turkey's leading paper manufacturers.

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